podcast Feb 23, 2021

Hey Maker! 

I am so excited to introduce today’s guest, Tyler Benner. Tyler is former US Archery Olympic level archer, author of “Inside the Archer”, and the Founder of Venn Design a company dedicated to creating furniture designed for human movement. I reached out to Tyler because I love Venn Design’s Air Chair, a Stability ball that is beautifully crafted with you in mind to help you move, bend, and wiggle while you work! Inspired by stability balls, Tyler set out to make a piece of upholstered furniture that had a pleasing temperature for sitting and utilized a beautiful design for you to enjoy having it in your space rather than hiding it away. Each piece is beautifully crafted by hand in Salem, Oregon. Venn Air Chairs come in two sizes and a range of colors, styles, and designs, including the newly launched NASA / Solar Series and premium Pendleton Wool Jacquards! 

In this week’s conversation, Tyler invites us to surround ourselves...

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Uncategorized Jan 28, 2021

Hey Maker, 

Do you offer online courses to promote your creative gifts? Scared to make the shift? I’ve been there. 

If you are new to Wellness for Makers you may not realize that the majority of my business model was based around in person events. When the pandemic hit, like many I took a major hit. I remember the week that my inbox read cancelation after cancelation. My event schedule went from very full to VERY empty in less than 2 weeks. Like many other creative entrepreneurs, I panicked. Can you relate? 

I immediately had to pivot the way I structured my business and I will admit, I am still figuring it out. Thankfully, I had started offering online learning before the pandemic but I realized that it was time to make it my priority. So, I spent the beginning of the pandemic re-creating the Wellness for Makers website on Kajabi. A platform designed for online learning. Idk about you but I love re-working a website. As much as it's a time consuming void that I...

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Uncategorized Jan 23, 2021

Hey Maker!

We are living in stressful times and our issues didn’t just disappear in 2021 as many had hoped. I don’t know about you but my anxiety levels have been really high. So I started using the app Bloom, an interactive self-therapy app and LOVE it! I reached out to the CEO because I had to share this resource with you. 

Today’s guest is Leon Mueller, the CEO & Co-Founder of Bloom. An interactive video self-therapy app that empowers users to be their own therapist. Bloom’s interactive short videos guide you through CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) exercises personalized to your needs. Think fitness for your mind! Leon was born in Germany and later studied Finance & Business in the UK. He resides in New York where he continues his mission to help unlock everyone’s full potential. 

Visit https://www.enjoybloom.com to download Leon's app.  

Follow @enjoybloom on Instagram



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Uncategorized Jan 15, 2021

Hey Maker!

I know how challenging it can be to carve out time, space, and finances for self-care, but movement breaks are critical for learning to create longevity in the body. The good news is that even moving a few minutes a day can help create lasting change. That's why I created the Mindful Maker Membership! A platform for makers, like you, to gain access to weekly Movement Break videos, breathing exercises, exclusive events, and more!

This virtual wellness space is open to all makers regardless of size, race, religion, age, orientation, gender, or ability. To support BIPOC artists during the COVID-19 crisis and fight systemic racism and barriers in the wellness industry, Wellness for Makers is offering 5 scholarships to BIPOC makers. Each scholarship recipient will gain access to a 1 year subscription to the Mindful Maker Membership!  Application Deadline: Jan 30th.

Click here to apply! 



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Uncategorized Jan 08, 2021

Hey Maker! 

As a movement / yoga instructor, I often get asked about my leggings and what brands I suggest. While I've worn brands like Lululemon, what I have noticed is that most brands that sell activewear like this are often NOT inclusive and do not have ethical practices.

I believe that movement is for ANY body regardless of race, age, or weight. I am a supporter of brands like Girlfriend Collective who are actively working to change the mentality behind this. 

When you get to their website, you will see beautiful BIPOC models in all shapes and sizes ranging from XXS-6XL. It is so important to see more representation in the wellness world and Girlfriend Collective is paving the way! 

They are a women owned company that makes all of their products from recycled water bottles and repurposed materials. I own a few pairs and can share from experience that they are comfortable and durable. 

Movement, Fitness, and Yoga are practices for...

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podcast Dec 19, 2020

Hey Maker! 

We are excited to have John Furniss, “The Blind Woodsman” on the show! His story is filled with adversity, resilience and strength. At the age of 16, he survived a suicide attempt and then learned how to navigate the world through total blindness. John also overcame years of battling addiction. Today this story fuels his artistic woodworking and serves as a beacon of light and hope in his motivational speeches. He most recently was a speaker for VANTalks at Kiggins Theatre!  

John has always been interested in working with his hands. He eventually went to the School for the Blind in Salt Lake City, Utah; this is where he found his love for wood shop, a gift he shares with the world. He tells us all about adaptive woodworking skills and how he maintains his studio practice. He has also attended the Emil Fries School of Piano Technology for the Blind, where his beautiful love story with Anni Furniss began! They now reside in the Pacific Northwest...

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podcast Dec 11, 2020

A few episodes back, I interviewed Pack Matthews of the Soul Seat. We talked about movement, seated posture, and more. I have now been using the Soul Seat for over a month so I decided to offer my review. 

Check out the Soul Seat here and get 15% off when you use the code WELLNESSFORMAKERS at checkout. https://www.ikariadesign.com/shop


Special thanks to Vacationland Music Company for creating the intro and the outro of the Wellness for Makers Podcast. 

Vacationland Music Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vacationlandmusic/


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podcast Dec 09, 2020

Hey Maker! 


This week we have Chloe Benjamin on the show! She is a A NY Times Bestseller, author of The Immortalists & The Anatomy of Dreams (which received the Edna Ferber Fiction Book Award), and an avid knitter. Her works have even been translated in over thirty languages! 


Chloe is originally from San Francisco, CA. She has always had a passion for the arts with writing being her constant love. In college she dove deeper into this and ultimately went on to become a graduate of Vassar College and earned her M.F.A. in Fiction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2014, she published The Anatomy of Dreams and in 2018 she published The Immortalists. In addition, Chloe has always found solace in her time spent knitting. She combined both of these arts and wrote an article titled “If Knitting is Causing You Pain, Read This” (be sure to check it out!). 


In this episode, we have an honest conversation with Chloe about both of...

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Uncategorized Nov 06, 2020

Hey Maker! 

Have you heard of Womanly Magazine? Womanly provides accessible health information to women and non-binary people through visual and literary art. Listen in to hear my conversation with Cheyenne Diaz, Development Director at Womanly. 

Cheyenne is a multidisciplinary writer and social impact director specializing in scaling social enterprises that serve Black and Brown women. As the Development Director for Womanly and the Social Impact Strategist for The Body: A Home for Love, she aligns partners, donors, and initiatives to realize the organizational vision and sustainability. She currently holds positions in both the not-for-profit and for-profit-sector with 6+ years of experience in media, development and education. Through this work, she intends to spur movements that shift cultural narratives about who is worthy of access, opportunity and joy.

Listen to my conversation with Cheyenne Diaz to learn more about the incredible work they are up...

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Uncategorized Nov 06, 2020

Hey Maker!


I often get asked, “what chair is the right chair for my studio practice?”. Have you considered this question? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this episode we have the creator of Soul Seat, Pack Matthews, with us. Pack is the founder of Ikaria Design Company and the Maker of Soul Seat. He is a designer and true advocate for movement. 

Pack comes from a family history of arthritis. He is no stranger to potential ailments in the body, so he began teaching Kripalu yoga to combat this potentially detrimental lifestyle. Eventually, he started looking deeper into progressing his own business as well as finding more methodology for wellness, especially in regards to sitting. Cue, Soul Seat! The Soul Seat is a bi-level chair designed to help you increase variety in your movements while working. The goal of the Soul Seat is to alleviate chronic pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle and to get you moving. 

Pack is also known for his...

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