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Hey Maker!

I thought it would be fun to promote some of my favorite brands that offer tools and resources for wellness and movement. So I created a holiday gift guide to inspire you to give yourself or others gifts that promote a healthier studio practice. This guide is thoughtfully curated with your studio practice in mind.  

Gift Connection

How many hours a day do you or your loved ones spend posting, texting, or scrolling? Let's face it, our lovely devices take us out of the present moment and distract us from our passions and loved ones. My friend Taylor Elise Morrison created this card deck with this topic in mind. The deck is called Instead. Anytime you have that urge to scroll, Taylor invites you to create a new pattern by pulling a card instead. The cards invite you to tune into your body and reconnect to your practice rather than overstimulating your mind through social media. (Support a Black/Woman Owned Business)

Gift Foot Health & Get 10% Off

Aching feet? If you've taken a workshop or course with me before, you may have heard me mention standing stimulation mats or anti-fatigue mats. I am a huge fan of Naboso's products. If you or your loved one can work and stand barefoot throughout the day, the Naboso standing mat is a great addition to any studio or home to help stimulate the receptors in your feet. This helps to wake up your feet and body. I use mine in my bathroom near my sink so my whole whole family can enjoy it. Can't work barefoot? No problem. Naboso's insoles are a great option to add to your shoes to stimulate your feet and get the most activation throughout the day. Naboso insoles can be worn with any shoe. Naboso's products were designed by Dr. Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist. Use the promo code WELLNESSFORMAKERS at check out and get 10% off your purchase. (Support a Woman Owned Business)

Gift Hand Care

Dry hands? I absolutely love using Cara Mae Potters Skin Butter. I met Cara at an NCECA event years ago and I am so glad I did because this product offers deep hydration for hard working hands! This product is thoughtfully designed with potters in mind however I know from experience that all makers can benefit from it. (Support a LQBTQ+ / Woman Owned Business).  

Gift My Favorite Chair 15% Off

Movement means to change position! That's all. Which means, you can be moving and grooving while making your work. Have you ever wondered which chair is the right chair for you and your studio practice? I get asked that question all the time. My answer is, the one that keeps you moving! If you've listened to the Wellness for Makers podcast, you might have heard my conversation with Pack Matthews Founder of the Soul Seat. The Soul Seat invites you to switch positions often. Move from kneeling, to squatting, to cross legged, to seated easily and naturally. The goal of the Soul Seat is to alleviate chronic pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle and get you moving! I love it! Use the promo code MINDFULMAKER at check out and get 15% off your purchase. (Support a Small Business) 

Gift Massage Balls

 If you've taken a workshop with me or scrolled my instagram feed you may have heard me mention Yoga Tune Up Balls. Yoga Tune Up Balls are massage balls designed by Jill Miller. Yes, you can toss two tennis balls in a sock and roll your forearms, neck, shoulders, back, etc. But these balls are designed to sustain weight and have enough give that they don't damage your connective tissues. In my personal practice they are my go to for neck and shoulder pain and strain. (Support a Woman Owned Business) 

Gift a Wellness Course 20% Off

I am running a sale now through November 30th on my online courses. This includes Moving Clay, Precious Movements, Hands of a Maker, & the Neck & Shoulder Relief Movement Class Pack. Treat yourself or others to a gift that keeps on giving! Sign up to get 20% off. Discount automatically applied.  (Support a Woman Owned Business)

Gift a Hands & Wrist Kit 10% off

Hand & Wrist Kits are back in stock! Get 10% off this kit now through November 30th. As always there are a limited amount of kits available. Discount automatically applied. (Support a Woman Owned Business) 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season ahead filled with creativity, sales, smiles, love, and so much joy! 




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