I teach live and remote workshops to students all over the country! I believe that learning how to create good habits early on is the best way to create a lasting studio practice. I will offer your students the tips, tricks, and strategies they need to take care of their hands and bodies. Let me know about your group below.



I've collaborated with a number of non-profits over the years to create customized events, workshops, and offerings (live and remote). I would love to work with your group of makers to teach them how to create longevity in their studio practices. Have an idea for a collaboration or event? Reach out below. 



Is your creative team aching while making? I got you! I will teach your team the tips, tricks, and strategies they need to take care of their hands and bodies in the studio. By learning how to create positive work habits your team will become more efficient in the studio. Just fill out the form below to get started! 


What are workshops like? 

In each workshop, I demonstrates basic stretching and massage techniques that students can incorporate into their daily studio routines. Workshops include a mix of background information, such as how knots develop in the body, and practical instruction, such as different ways to increase blood flow, circulation, and flexibility. These techniques are designed to help boost energy levels, alleviate pain, reduce the risk of injury, and improve posture. 

Looking for a guest speaker? 

I understand the struggles that come along with building a creative vision. I overcame my own fears, combined my passions, and took a non-traditional route. I now have a successful business and podcast that impacts artists around the world. I am passionate about sharing what I've learned to help artists understand what they are capable of. 

Let's work together!

I travel to universities, art & craft centers, creative non-profits, museums, collaborative spaces, retreats, and other fun places where people are making art! Due to the pandemic, my travels are on hold. However, I am happy to create a remote offering for your group! My workshops are fun and informative. 

What Schools Are Saying About Remote Workshops

“Wellness for Makers® made a huge impact on our campus. Missy was generous enough to program a remote workshop about the importance of stretching, listening, and responding to the maker’s body. Her workshop reached more than fifty of our Visual and Performing Art students and several commented on how much they appreciated a fellow artist educating them on how to incorporate strategies in and out of their studio. Missy is an advocate for healthy, consciousness living for all makers and I’m so appreciative she could share her knowledge with our students!” 

— PAM CAMPANARO Director & Curator of Galleries, The University of Northern Colorado


Past Event Partners

Just some of the incredible schools and organizations I've had the opportunity to work with. 

What Makers Are Saying About in Person Workshops

"Anyone involved in the making industry, from creative professional teams to individual students, would benefit immensely from Missy’s workshop. She is a wealth of knowledge and leads the workshop with a fun and informative atmosphere. Our team of jewelers can apply the techniques learned from this workshop to not only improve their work day but also their daily lives, allowing them to continue working on their craft in a healthy and sustainable way for their bodies."

— Kasey Jorgensen Production Manager for Melissa Joy Manning