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Wellness for Makers

Hey Maker!

There is this beautiful quote by BKS Iyengar in his book Light on Pranayama and it goes “Knowledge without action and action without knowledge do not help man, they must be intermingled.” I keep coming back to this quote because I feel that there is so much there. 


We often know what we should do. How many times has your body told you to readjust your posture, stretch, drink a glass of water, or take a nap, and you ignored it? How many times have you powered through pain or strain to get something done? We often know what we can do to care for ourselves now but we ignore the signals our body sends us until the signal gets louder and louder. But why? 


Change is inevitable. But we have the ability to decide how we wish to engage with change over time. Do you want to sit back and blame your poor posture? Or are you ready to do something about it? What is holding you back from creating lasting change in your body? 

My goal is to empower you to build strength in your body so that you can create positive change over time. That's why I've put together a Neck & Shoulder Relief Class PackThis class pack is a move at your own pace pre-recorded course. You will receive a movement break every week for the next 3 weeks. Each class is 10-20 mins long. These movement breaks are designed to teach you accessible techniques to find relief and build strength in your neck and shoulders. Get ready to gain more awareness in your body and ask questions along the way! After the 3 weeks is complete you will be able to go back to each class again and again. The more often you practice these techniques, the more results you will see in your body. If you enjoyed the free mini-course to neck & shoulder relief, I know you'll love this class pack! 

Get the early bird price now through November 1st for $19




Special thanks to Vacationland Music Company for creating the intro and the outro of the Wellness for Makers Podcast. 

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