CRITICAL SMITHS: What's the Dill with Jewelry Pickle? With Lucy Derickson, Jane Marsching, & Julia Giangrande

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2021
Wellness for Makers
CRITICAL SMITHS: What's the Dill with Jewelry Pickle? With Lucy Derickson, Jane Marsching, & Julia Giangrande

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Today we have the dynamic trio of Lucy Derickson, Jane Marsching, and Julia Giangrande from an Ethical Metalsmiths team on the podcast! We dive into a very special research project conducted by Julia following the life cycle of Jewelry Pickle.  

Lucy Derickson is the Coordinator of the Crafts Area at Montgomery College in Rockville MD, with a focus on Jewelry and Metalsmithing processes. Additionally, she is a board member of the non-profit organization Ethical Metalsmiths (EM), and works as Chair of the EM Education Committee. Jane is a professor and sustainability fellow at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is an interdisciplinary artist, who explores past, present, and future human impact on the environment through collaborative research-based practices. Last but certainly not least, is our research conductor and Junior at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Julia Giangrande. She has an interest in creating sustainable and ethical works of art that are free from animal products and inspire people to protect our planet. 

In this episode, we explore Julia’s fascinating findings about Pickle. Findings that affect us as artists and humans, our environment, and our planet as a whole. This project reiterates the importance of interdisciplinary work, as well. The necessary work to dig into the process, explore the cycle, and to branch out in our crafts in order to find sustainable solutions in our fields as artists. Although you may be one person, Julia’s project reaffirms your ability to make a difference in the world through our work!




Julia Giangrande’s Research Installment for CRITICALSMITHS Research Series

Julia’s Website

Jane's Website

Lucy's Website

Ethical Metalsmiths Website

Massachusetts College of Art and Design Website









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