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Hey Maker!

Brené Brown is a shared favorite of mine & Melissa's. She is an influential author, professor, and podcast host. She recently shared this quote about trust on her LinkedIn. 

 This got me thinking about trust in all areas of our life, but more specifically, trust in the body. We often talk about "repetitive strain injuries" here at Wellness for Makers. This means, injuries that occur due to repeated actions or movements that are not necessarily sustainable in the body for hours on end (i.e. poor posture at the wheel or your bench, uncomfortable ways you may hold your tools). This "repetitive strain" or movement, may also apply to our lack of movement. Perhaps many of your projects take place in a hunched over and rounded forward position. Your body starts to trust this pattern and may even build connective tissue around certain areas, especially joints, that it now believes should remain "stable". This is why injury may result from the assumed "simple" action of lifting your arms up and overhead. 


A lot of the wellness world can be rooted in quick fixes or the assumption that your entire life must change to join any sort of wellness journey. I'd argue that the smallest of changes or any new introduction of habit, is enough. One of my greatest teachers always says "little by little, again and again".  Similar to what Brené suggests. Trust, especially in the body, is built in tiny moments, everyday. Even just bringing conscious awareness to your body while you are making can feel radical. It does not have to be large sweeping moments of contrast. It is instead finding a practice and routine that works for you to build trust for sustainable movements in your body.


How do you find trust in your body? What actions can you do today to build a stronger relationship with your most valuable tool? 



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