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Have you ever wanted to live and make on the road? Then you are in the right place! Madison Hampton is the Founder of Vancrafted Studio. That’s right, a jewelry studio founded on wheels!

After graduating from Northern Michigan University School of Art and Design, Madison, her husband Gage, and their adorable Australian Shepherd Tobin, spent years living, making, and running a successful jewelry business on the road. They moved into a Chevy Express Van to live minimally and connect to the adventure that life called them towards.

In this episode, Madison shares the pros and cons of Van Life. We talked about what life on (and off!) the road has done to her overall wellness. Madison also offers some excellent business advice for any artist looking to get up and running on their own! She inspires all Makers to follow their dreams, lead a life of adventure, and to live authentically. 

What does living on the road have to do with Wellness? More than...

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Hey Maker!

I’m so excited to share this week’s conversation with you! Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya is neuroscientist who has found her way in art and design. She is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, TED speaker, and STEM advocate who works at the intersection of art, tech, science and social justice. In this episode, Amanda shares her story and explains what we can do as makers to help our brains age well.

A knee injury challenged her way of moving and coordinating, leading her to study neuroscience at Columbia where she worked at an Alzheimer's research lab. She was challenged by a professor to tell him how she shares the importance of the work she does in the lab with other people. From this question, Amanda decided to find a way to take a leap and move into art and design. Ultimately, her way of connecting science with the world is through art. 

Today, Amanda is a two-time TED speaker whose creative practice includes numerous projects, initiatives and...

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Hey Maker! 

In pain? Ouch! Let's get real though, most makers are! That's why I had Omni Kitts Ferrara on the Wellness for Makers Podcast. Omni is one of my movement teachers and she is an incredible inspiration. 

Omni was born into a family of movers. Years of dancing eventually lead her to the yoga world. She has her BFA in Dance, she is an E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, FRC® Certified, Rocktape Certified, and a NASM-CPT. Not to mention she is the CEO of Yoga Mechanics! Did ya get all of that? Needless to say, Omni knows her sh** when it comes to the body, movement, and pain!  

In terms of pain, every single one of us has a unique pain expression, one that Omni notes is curated over the course of our life. After this conversation, you will hopefully leave with a greater understanding and an appreciation for your pain signals. Omni invites you to shift this difficult conversation with pain and maybe start to understand the basics of it in your very own body. She wants us...

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Hey Maker!

Do you have trouble sleeping after a long day of making… ever consider a bedtime story as a grown-up? Well- this week’s guest, Candace Rose Rardon along with the popular meditation app, Calm, have just the fix. Rardon is a writer, illustrator and visual storyteller who writes grown up bedtime travel tales for Calm’s Sleep Stories! 

Rardon’s journey begins as a travel writer turned travel sketcher. She earned her Master’s in travel writing with distinction from London’s Kingston University and then made the decision to start traveling with a sketchbook and a single set of watercolors. She has organically combined these 2 passions into one in order to create the ultimate storytelling experience. Especially through her grown up travel bedtime stories with Calm, where she helps you transition to sleep and quiet your mind. She has also had artist residencies with Google and Uber while she completed breathtaking murals for both...

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Uncategorized Jul 17, 2020

Hey Maker! 

Corey Pemberton and Annie Evelyn met at Penland School of Craft. After some lengthy and heated conversations about the lack of diversity in the fields of craft, art, and design, they founded Crafting the Future. An organization for everyone that wants to see more representation of artists in these fields. 

Crafting the Future was created because the field of craft in the United States does not reflect the full spectrum of people. Corey and Annie note that as groups of artists go unrepresented, an inaccurate and incomplete story is being told, sold, and preserved- and everyone loses. Crafting the Future works together and combines resources to support the careers of young, underrepresented artists by connecting them to opportunities that will help them thrive. Crafting the Future has existing participants across the country and partnering organizations in Louisiana (YAYA), Kentucky (STEAM Exchange), North Carolina (Penland School of Craft), and Maine (Haystack...

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Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

Hey Maker! 

Let's be real, the impacts from COVID-19 have really impacted the artist community. The world feels very different and it can definitely leave us feeling defeated. Thankfully, there are incredible organizations out there like Artist Relief. This week, I am chatting with Moira Brennan, the Executive Director from MAP Fund to share about Artist Relief. 

Artist Relief is its own entity and it launched on April 8th. It is a coalition of 7 outstanding organizations: Academy of American Poets, Artadia, Creative Capital, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, MAP Fund, National YoungArts Foundation, and United States Artists—all small to mid-sized national arts grantmakers. These foundations have come together in this unprecedented moment guided by the understanding that the wellbeing of artists has financial, professional, social, and mental dimensions, and should be fostered with a holistic framework of support. From monetary relief to a Youtube channel dedicated...

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Hey Maker!


Are you finding yourself in frequent waves of burnout? We can relate! Today we have Taylor Morrison, founder of Inner Workout, on the show and she helps us get to the bottom of this icky cycle.


Taylor Elyse Morrison graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt with a double major in Human Organizational Development and Spanish. She is the founder of Inner Workout, she hosts the Be School Podcast, and she is the founder and CEO of Jubilant. Did ya get all that? We also did not mention all of the other day to day life (relationships, personal care, etc.) sprinkled in.


Taylor keeps quite busy and she describes herself as a competitive person. Busy and competitive make a pretty good recipe for burnout, which is what ultimately led her to create Inner Workout. Inner Workout invites people to “listen within and respond in the most loving way possible”. The classes revolve around dimensions of wellbeing and involve movement, breathwork, and meditation....

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Hey Maker!

Have you ever wanted to know about some of the materials and chemicals you use in the studio? If yes, then you won’t want to miss this episode!

During this week's conversation, I chat with Dr. ElizabethShaw and Lucy Derickson! They are both a part of Ethical Metalsmiths, a community for responsible jewelers to connect, take action and provide education for more ethical and safer studio practices. 

Two years ago, Wellness for Makers® was invited to join forces with this duo to create the CriticalSmiths Research Series Project. CriticalSmiths was created to inspire jewelry students to think critically about studio safety issues and their personal work habits. 

Before we dive in, here's a little bit about our lovely ladies from today’s episode. 

Liz is a contemporary jeweller and metalsmith. She is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and Head of the Jewellery and Small Objects department of Queensland College of Art Griffith University in...

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Hey Maker!

I am beyond excited to share this episode with you! Why? Because Wu Hanyen is combining Art and Movement to redefine what it means to interact with fitness equipment!

 Wu Hanyen is the creator of Work in Use, a company offering high end handmade movement tools that are designed with longevity in mind. Wu completed her Graphic Design degree and went on to receive an MFA in Furniture Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She moved to New York City where she worked as a furniture maker. Ultimately, an injury in the studio, hours of self reflection, and a passion for movement is what crafted the vision and creation of her own business, Work in Use. 

Work in Use offers movement tools that are unlike generic fitness equipment. These tools are handmade from natural materials by Wu herself, in collaboration with local artisans. The intention of these tools is to introduce variety to daily movement. Additionally, they perfectly marry functional use and...

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Hey Maker!

Calling all Potters! Do your hands get irritatingly dry after hours spent creating at the wheel? Well, Cara Steinbuchel created Potters’ Skin Butter and Lotion just for Makers like you! 

Cara grew up with skin that required some extra care so she was always aware that some lotions could be better than others. Fast forward to a few years ago, Cara was challenged by a fellow maker to create a lotion of her very own. Through this push and some loyal support, Cara began experimenting on butters and lotions specifically for Potters. She shares with us how the Potters’ Butter and Lotion work and why no Potter should go without it! 

Tune in as we hear about Cara’s exciting journey about creating her own business as well as tips to maintaining balance between operating one’s business and creating. Your hands and skin will also thank you for learning more about Potters’ Butter and Lotion! 


Potter’s Skin Butter &...

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