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Background & Credentials 

On this page, you'll learn more about my background, credentials, and why I teach. 

RYT 500 

I am an RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance and have over 800+ hours of training. I provide my students with an opportunity to engage with their own strengths and limitations through alignment-based poses and thoughtful considerations. I offer alignment cues and refinements throughout the class, which makes the poses approachable and challenging. 

Rock Tape 

My FMT Advanced Kinesiology Taping Certification explores enhancing human movement and performance via functional taping methods (movement based). Movement screenings are used to determine dysfunction in specific anatomical planes of motion and how to apply tape in a way that improves movement and function.

Licensed Massage Therapist 

I have been a Massage Therapist since 2007. In order to maintain my license and stay up to date I complete CEU's each year. Soon after graduate school, I realized that wellness education was lacking in the arts. I felt a responsibility to help the field. So I combined my passions to create Wellness for Makers. 

Why I started teaching workshops


After graduating with my MFA, I began to notice a common thread from artist to artist. There was often an underlying acceptance that one day they’d end up with a repetitive strain injury. And they were kind of ok with it! Have you been there? That night, I went back to my room to search for a wellness resource for artists and couldn't find one. I felt a strong responsibility to my field to use my unique background and skillset to do something to empower other artists and help transform the mindset.

I decided it was time to combine all of my passions and I created Wellness for Makers. My mission is to motivate and empower creatives, like you, through education, mindful-living, and movement! I believe that by deepening our understanding of the body, we can create more sustainable careers and studio routines.

In each workshop, I demonstrate stretching, strengthening, and massage techniques that attendees can incorporate into their daily studio routines. Workshops include a mix of background information, such as how knots develop in the body, and practical instruction, such as different ways to increase blood flow, circulation, and flexibility. These techniques are designed to help boost energy levels, alleviate pain, reduce the risk of injury, and improve posture.

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Why I enjoy public speaking 


I am a total extrovert and I am passionate about sharing my story to help you and others feel inspired to keep moving forward. I took the non-traditional route and turned my passions into my career! I grew up with a learning disability and was told in high school that I wouldn't get into a four year school. Can you believe that?! I am so glad I didn't believe them. I overcame my fears, figured out what learning styles work best for me, and confidently moved forward with momentum! Two degrees and several certifications later, I am proud to say I am the Founder of Wellness for Makers: an internationally recognized business that teaches artists how to create a lasting studio practice! If you want your attendees to leave feeling inspired, I'm your girl! Want to know more about creating a business or making a living as an artist? I have so much to share! Let's get inspired together! 

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Did I mention I'm an artist? 


That's right! I am an Artist, Movement / Wellness Professional, and the Founder of Wellness for Makers! I graduated with my MFA in Metals from the State University of New York at New Paltz back in 2013. When it comes to my artwork, it's all about the body!

As an artist, I truly understand the aches and pains that come along with an active studio practice. I know what it's like to prepare for exhibitions, craft fairs, and critiques. That's why I've used my unique background and skillset to create specialized courses and immersions for artists like you! 


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