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Hey Maker!

We're sure you've heard of the saying "New Year, New Me". A plethora of messages flooding your inbox on how to "be the best you". Although there is nothing wrong for wanting more from yourself, your situation, or your life - all is allowed - these messages often forget that just by being who you are, is a success. Your very unique iteration of life is already enough, just as it is. 

Have you ever started a resolution and just as quickly, stopped it? I know I have. I realized that I was making these lofty goals, outside of myself. I was striving for a "new me" instead of using what I already have inside and around me to take the next step. I changed the slogan to "New Year, Same Me". A year where I strive for some areas of "new" while also recognizing myself along the journey! Here are my favorites on how to get started:

1. Set Your Foundation

Steady yourself and acknowledge the power you already possess just as you are. Create a list of all of the things that are already important to you: your craft, a movement practice, your friends/family/community, outreach/advocacy programs, etc. Then, add to that list all of the ways in which you already contribute to these aspects of your life (i.e. "your craft = renting a studio space"). They could be accomplishments, big and small, or just the act of showing up and caring is enough. 

2. Introduce Newness

Now that you have solidified what is already important to you, you can start to fill in some of the gray area! The area that you might want to fill with "new" or maybe care for the existing. How can you better show up for yourself? Is there something you've always wanted to try?

Imagine a dimmer on a lightswitch. The goal is to introduce more or less light gradually, not all at once. The same goes for this! Just as quickly as we can start, we can burn out. Take the time to build upon your created foundation, step by step. Maybe you want a movement practice. Start by setting hourly alarms to "move". This could look like getting up to get water or stretching your arms up and overhead. Even walking over to glance out the window! These new actions could kindle a fire for more movement or it could be exactly what you needed. You don't have to run a marathon (although you could!), the key is to begin where you are and do what is important to you. 

3. Be Kind to Yourself 

The new year also lends itself to messages of "leading with kindness". This idea to start off the year by lending a helping hand and spreading goodwill. These messages are not ones to be ignored, but it is just as important to approach yourself with the same kindness. How often do you offer yourself grace? Take a self-care day? Truly listen to what your body is telling you, without judgement? Fire alarms exist to acknowledge fire, danger. These same "alarms" exist within us, and they tend to manifest as "pain".   Eventually, if the fire is not a false alarm and we continually ignore it, it will continue to damage whatever is in its path. So, take that moment of pause. Breathe. Listen to your body and your thoughts. Be kind to yourself, Maker. The way you talk to yourself along this journey matters, too 💙



As the year continues on, revisit and revise. Life is always moving and changing and to assume we can stay in one place would be wishful thinking! Don't be afraid to be fluid and change course to adapt to your life. Honor wherever you are, every step of the way. May you always hold space for your full and beautiful aliveness.  



Musings by Krystal Kaiser

Wellness for Makers Guest Writer 



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