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Hey Maker!

Katy Bowman oftens talks about "casts" in our lives that turn into "casts" in our body. She uses this analogy of say, a cast for a broken arm, to show a familiar example of how this certain structure decreases the mobility and rotation of your arm due to muscles thinning and shortening over time. In other words, your arm is not operating how it normally can due to the cast fixing your arm in a certain position/environment. 
This particular cast is necessary for the healing process of your broken arm, however, we find these same casts in our day to day. Staring at screens or small jewelry creations for hours on end inhibits our eyes from seeing their full scope of vision (fun fact! my vision improved upon leaving my corporate computer-filled job). Even being between four walls all day limits our eyesight. There's also the example of shoes as they hold your feet to a certain structure. Oftentimes, your toes may be crunching in or the heel of your foot is elevated which can throw your body's alignment out of whack! Consider different "casts" in your life. 
These things can be considered "body casts" - walls or barriers that prevent full range of motion. Understandably, we can't all flee our computer desks at any moment's notice and walking barefoot in the grocery store may be interesting.. Luckily, knowledge is power. You have the ability to advocate for your body's needs, to bust through the barriers of your daily casts. This could look like setting an alarm reminding you to get up from your chair or to glance up and look out a window! Maybe you challenge yourself to walk barefoot outside, visiting different terrain, or using a tennis ball to roll out your feet (we also have helpful tools on the website!). 
Always remember, that "from time to time" is better than not at all. You can implement these breaks throughout your day. Revisit Missy's movement videos, change positions, grab yourself some water, or even just look around the room! Start anywhere. You can do it! 


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