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Hey Maker!

There are so many ages and phases of life. Sometimes it can be easy to leave these moments behind us and treat them as past lives. Did you know that your body takes all of these years with you? You are a compound of every moment in your life, they are encoded and intertwined in your mind, body and brain. 

Madeleine L'Engle so beautifully notes that we are all of the ages we have ever been. Because we were once children, you can still hold that same wonder and playful nature inside of you. Because we were once adolescent, you can still hold that same searching and questioning. It does not mean that we are trapped and fixed in these moments, we are instead fluid, complex, and full beings. 

Even consider an injury you may have experienced. How did it feel within the body in that moment? How does it feel now? The learning and work to overcome said ailment is still taking place inside of you. Your body has marked that moment in time. It does not mean you define yourself by this one moment, but instead you add it to your wonderful narrative of life. 

Life continues and so do we. I invite you to hold tender and loving space for yourself today. Listen to all of the chapters of your life that are collected within you. Connect, revisit, play, hold wonder, question and savor. 



Musings by Krystal Kaiser

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