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“The paradox of the modern world is this: Not only do we do less, physically, than ever before, but we also almost never do nothing. Our bodies, deprived of large movements, are inundated with subtle-yet-continuous physical stimulation from noise, light, data, etc. This constant stream of input is a two-fold stressor, as not only is the frequency of certain environmentally induced loads extremely high, the types of input we are experiencing are unnatural.”

- Katy Bowman

 Katy Bowman is one of my favorite movement professionals, she offers her expertise in a very digestible way. This quote helps me consider "wellness" in a new light. We have crafted a culture around convenience, which in some ways is helpful and important, but in other ways poses a challenge to the body. We can run the risk of never shutting down or finding moments of peace. 
In the Western world, we are often prescribed a wellness plan that reduces "wellness" into the buckets of diet and exercise. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, however, it can sometimes negate the fullness of life. It does not consider how we sit during the day or where we do the majority of our living. For you, what does this picture look like? What are the noises you are surrounded by? How is the lighting in your space or on your devices? How long do you sit? If you don't sit often, how are you standing? 
Now consider the moments when you are "relaxing" - what does this look like? Even venture to the settings of your phone to see the amount of time you spend scrolling (I am always a bit shocked!). This time spent scrolling can give us a feeling of ease and allows us to "take a load off" for a bit. However, what we may not realize is this is still an "induced load" (physical sensation, sensory input, a stressor etc.) to the body. 

Today, take a load off. And I mean, a real one. Allow yourself moments where you are not acquiring any inputs, except for taking in your surroundings/checking in with your body. Be present. Even try to get in a variety of movements, jump and dance around, feel free in your body! 

I know I will put on my dancin' shoes :) Alexa, play "Yeah" by Usher! ;)



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