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Hey Maker!

I am not sure where or when I came across this quote in my lifetime, but it is one of my favorites.. and one I have been thinking about a lot lately. As I have talked about before, life can move very quickly. We can get so caught up in everything, moving from one moment to the next, that in the blink of an eye the day is done. 

Why are we rushing? In those instances, I often ask myself that exact question. Maybe it helps me clarify the "rushing" (i.e. i'm late and want to respect someone's time) but more often than not, it reminds me to slow down and savor. I know I don't want to rush through this life as a whole, so why do I rush through every moment? The small moments that make up our day, and ultimately make up our life. 

Missy often talks about repetitive movements in our studio practice and how overtime, they can lead to repetitive strain injuries if we don't pay attention. In other words, if you're doing the same movements everyday, how often do you take a moment to move a bit slower? Do you just power through from one task or project to the next? By paying attention, we give ourselves a chance to listen to our bodies and honor the voice inside that might be saying "ouch!". 

Today, I challenge you to move a bit more slowly, even through the mundane. Savor every second, even if those seconds are being spent brushing your teeth. Let's take our time getting to the finish lines. 


Musings by Krystal Kaiser

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