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Are you finding yourself in frequent waves of burnout? We can relate! Today we have Taylor Morrison, founder of Inner Workout, on the show and she helps us get to the bottom of this icky cycle.


Taylor Elyse Morrison graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt with a double major in Human Organizational Development and Spanish. She is the founder of Inner Workout, she hosts the Be School Podcast, and she is the founder and CEO of Jubilant. Did ya get all that? We also did not mention all of the other day to day life (relationships, personal care, etc.) sprinkled in.


Taylor keeps quite busy and she describes herself as a competitive person. Busy and competitive make a pretty good recipe for burnout, which is what ultimately led her to create Inner Workout. Inner Workout invites people to “listen within and respond in the most loving way possible”. The classes revolve around dimensions of wellbeing and involve movement, breathwork, and meditation....

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Hey Maker!

I am so excited to introduce this week's guest! Carson Demers is a Physical Therapist, life long knitter, and Author of the book Knitting Comfortably: The Ergonomics of Handknitting. 

Want to learn more?  In this conversation, Carson shares how he's worked tirelessly to study the efficiency of knitters and their working environments. 

Carson comes from a long line of craftsmen and has been around knitters for as long as he can remember. He is now a physical therapist who gets to share and teach his knowledge of the body with his fellow knitters.

Carson got involved with ergonomics through an unfortunate injury and he jokes that since the injury catalyzed this love for ergonomics, he “hasn’t come up for air since”! He shares with us how we can all be more efficient in our craft but more specifically he hones in on how to knit safely, wisely, and productively. Luckily, Carson’s injury laid the foundation for the work he does...

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