Move to Mend: 6 Week Movement Immersion for Creatives

Hey Maker!

With the holiday season approaching, I can totally relate to how this time of year can become a whirlwind of inspiration and dedication. Whether you're crafting new pieces, fulfilling orders, or customizing creations, it's easy to miss that fine line between hustle and risking burnout. And let's be honest, finding that sweet spot between pushing your creative boundaries and avoiding exhaustion can be just as challenging as bringing your visions to life.

That's why I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce a brand new offering just for you, Move to Mend: A 6 Week Movement Immersion! Throughout this journey, we'll not only touch on the powerful concepts from my book, Wellness for Makers: A Movement Guide for Artists, but we'll also dive even deeper into them.


Let's Elevate your Craft Together!

My main goal is to empower you with a deeper understanding of body mechanics and kinesthetic awareness, so you can approach your creative practice with newfound insight. This program is about so much more than just maintaining a strong posture (though we'll definitely cover that too!). It's about fundamentally transforming how you connect with and approach your art through purposeful movement. And its going to be so fun! 

Imagine conquering those marathon studio sessions with a fresh new understanding of movement! You will  confidently face every creative and physical challenge that comes your way.

Remember, mending isn't just about caring for your materials, tools, or clothing; it's also a way to heal and repair your body!


Move to Mend Includes

  • 6 Live Workshops Sessions (75 minutes each): Engage in hands-on learning with live workshops where you'll receive personalized guidance, ensuring you grasp the techniques needed for a stronger, pain-free creative practice. Each group workshop is a dynamic mix of lecture, movement, and Q&A. (Retail value: $500)
  • Replays available within 24hrs: Can't make it to a live session? No worries! There will be replays of each workshop. Whether you want to revisit a specific technique or catch up on a session you missed, these replays ensure you get the most out of the immersion.
  • 1:1 Coaching Call (30 minutes):  You will receive one personalized session with me. We'll meet virtually, allowing you to walk me through your studio setup. Share what areas are bothering you and when, and I'll provide tailored suggestions and insights to optimize your workspace and address any discomfort you may be experiencing. Together, we'll fine-tune your environment for a healthier, more productive creative practice. (Retail value: $79)
  • Voice Messaging Support: Stay connected! I will be cheering you on with direct access to reminders from me, new movements, and the support you need throughout our 6 weeks together in a voice messaging app (voxer / telegram). This is a great way to hear what others are going through, share insights, and I’ll be there to guide you, ensuring you feel confident and informed throughout the program. (Retail value: $200)
  • Unlimited Access to additional Pre-Recorded Movement Classes: Explore a variety of movement techniques designed to complement your studio practice. These classes offer a well-rounded approach to nurturing your body's potential exploring topics we will cover each week. Suitable for all movement levels, these classes are tailored to meet you where you are in your creative journey. You'll gain exclusive access to a private library of over 40 pre-recorded videos. Each movement video is carefully crafted to be 15-20 minutes long and focuses on specific areas of the body. Tailored with the artist's studio practice in mind, these sequences are designed to reduce the risk of injury and promote a stronger studio practice. You'll leave each session feeling rejuvenated, ready to work more effectively, and equipped with the tools you need to elevate your creative process. (Retail value: $399) 
  • Exclusive Customized Wellness Toolkit: Elevate your practice with a carefully curated toolkit designed specifically for this program. This toolkit includes a versatile resistance band, along with specialized tools like a foam ball, acupressure ring, hand-strengthening tool, and more​! All organized in convenient carrying pouches​ for you to take with you on the go. These resources will empower you to strengthen and nurture your hands, wrists, forearms​, and body throughout the program and beyond. (Retail value: $60)
  • Signed Copy of Wellness for Makers: A Movement Guide for Artists: Gain invaluable insights from a trusted source. This book is your comprehensive guide to sustaining a healthy, thriving creative practice. (Retail Value: $22.99) 
  • Private Facebook Group Access: Join a community of fellow artists on the same journey. Share insights, ask for advice, and build meaningful connections with like-minded creatives. This group is also an excellent platform to post any questions you may have for our weekly sessions, especially if you anticipate missing a live session. We're here to support you every step of the way.
  • Before and After Photos: Document your transformation visually. Track your progress and witness the positive changes in your posture and alignment, reinforcing your commitment to long-lasting well-being.
  • Weekly Handouts with Practice Considerations, Live Session Notes, and Product Suggestions: Get exclusive resources designed to enhance your practice. These materials serve as a valuable reference, ensuring you apply what you learn effectively. Access recommended articles and podcasts episodes to expand your knowledge and support your ongoing journey.


Retail Value: $1,260.99

Early Bird Price: $597

Payment Plans Options are available at checkout. 

This program is crafted for you! 

Transform your Creative Journey!

Over the next 6 weeks, we will dive deep into a movement immersion that's going to completely enhance how you approach your art. It's time to supercharge your creative process with a group of supportive creatives cheering you on!


Weekly Topics and Subtopics:

November 1st Pre-work begins! 

This the week where the magic begins! You will gain access to the Movement Library with 40+ pre-recorded videos. You will also get all the details on how to schedule your 30min 1:1, how to set up voxer voice messaging app, athe Facebook group, and more! This week I am dedicated to setting you up for success in the weeks ahead!  

LIVE Week 1 : Deconstruct Movement Patterns. Target area Neck and Shoulders

November 8st 

In our first week as a group together, we'll dive into the intricacies of neck and shoulder health. We'll start by optimizing your studio setup for ideal alignment, ensuring your creative space is conducive to a pain-free practice. Additionally, we'll explore techniques to prevent the common tendency to round over your artwork, a habit that can lead to discomfort and strain. Understanding the effects of repetitive strains from prolonged hunching is crucial, and we'll equip you with insights to mitigate these challenges. Finally, we'll focus on building strength tailored to your needs, promoting a stronger posture and alignment that will empower your artistic journey. This week sets the foundation for a healthier, more sustainable creative practice. The movement sequence will leave you feeling so good in your body! 

LIVE Week 2: Tools in Relationship to the Hands, Wrists, and Forearms

November 15th

Our second week, we shift our focus to the intricate mechanics of hands, wrists, and forearms, the most valuable tools of any artist's practice. We'll dive into the crucial understanding of how to hold our tools in ways that reduce risk of injury and inflammation. Learn the art of tool modification and task variation, empowering you to work smarter and with less strain. I'll personally guide you through a series of techniques to stretches, massage techniques, and strengthening exercises directed towards these important areas. This will provide you with the tools you need to safeguard yourself against future injuries. The movement segment will leave your hands feeling revitalized, with a movement sequence you'll be eager to incorporate into your daily routine. 

LIVE Week 3: Standing vs Sitting. Low Back, Hips, and Pelvis

November 22nd

In our third week, we'll turn our attention to the foundational elements of posture, focusing on the low back, hips, and pelvis. We'll delve into the age-old debate of sitting versus standing—unpacking the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed choice. Is one truly better than the other, or is it about finding the right balance? We'll explore techniques and considerations to avoid low back pain, providing you with practical tools to keep discomfort at bay. Moreover, we'll move in ways that offer your hips a variety of movements they likely don't get to access often enough. This dynamic approach will not only enhance your physical comfort but also unlock a new level of creative potential within you.

LIVE Week 4: Footwear, Legs, and Feet  

November 29th

In our fourth week, we'll focus on a vital but often overlooked aspect of your creative practice—your legs and feet. I'm particularly passionate about discussing foot health and making the right footwear choices. Why? Because this knowledge played a pivotal role in helping me bid farewell to my own low back pain. I'm committed to sharing these insights with you, empowering you to experience the same transformation. We'll explore the intricate connection between your foundation and your overall well-being. Together, we'll select footwear that not only supports your artistic endeavors but also nurtures your body, ensuring you're equipped to create without constraints.

LIVE Week 5: Group Q&A.  Crafting a Stronger Studio Setup Support (up to 75 minutes)

December 6th 

As we gather for our group Q&A session in the fifth week, you'll have the unique opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time in the Facebook group. This way, I'll have the chance to address your specific queries, ensuring our session is tailored to your needs. Whether it's about refining your personal studio setup, seeking further clarity on techniques we've covered, or exploring any other queries that have emerged during our sessions, this time is entirely for you. Your creative journey deserves the utmost attention, and I'm here to provide the guidance and support you need to thrive.

LIVE Week 6: Full Body Redesign Movement Class (75 minutes)

December 6th

In our final week together, we're bringing it all full circle with a comprehensive full body movement class. This session will integrate key elements and techniques from everything we've learned throughout the immersion. It's a chance to solidify the knowledge and practices you've acquired over the 6 week course, leaving you with a holistic understanding of how to nurture your body for a more vibrant and sustainable creative practice. Get ready to feel the transformative power of these combined movements, as they become an integral part of your creative journey!

Are you ready to mend your body?





Each 75min workshop will be a dynamic mix of: 

  • Engaging Lectures: Gain insights and knowledge to empower your creative process.
  • Invigorating Movement Sessions: Unlock your body's potential for your studio and beyond.
  • Interactive Q&A: Get personalized guidance and clarity on your journey.










"Anyone involved in the making industry, from creative professional teams to individual students, would benefit immensely from Missy’s workshop. She is a wealth of knowledge and leads the workshop with a fun and informative atmosphere. Our team of jewelers can apply the techniques learned from this workshop to not only improve their work day but also their daily lives, allowing them to continue working on their craft in a healthy and sustainable way for their bodies."

- Kasey Jorgensen
Production Manager for Melissa Joy Manning

Transform your studio practice!






Yes! You will gain access to the replay within 24 hours of our live session. You will have unlimited access to all the replays throughout the course to come back to again and again. 

Move to Mend is a 6-week movement immersion program designed specifically for artists. It focuses on improving posture, alignment, and overall well-being in the studio to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and enhance creative pursuits.

This program is tailored for artists of all levels who want to strengthen their posture, improve alignment, and create a sustainable and injury-resistant studio practice.

Voxer/Telegram are voice messaging apps that I will use to connect with you throughout the immersion. We will send each other voice notes, pics, and/or text messages, and I'll respond during designated hours throughout the program.

The private Facebook group serves as a community hub for participants. It's a space to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with fellow artists. It's also a place to post questions in case you miss a live session.

Yes! A signed copy of the book is included in the program package. You'll receive this valuable resource to complement your journey.

I'm here to support you and cheer you on every step of the way! There are a few things you can utilize throughout the program. Attending lives gives you the opportunity to ask questions each week.  Additionally you can ask questions in the private Facebook group, Voxer/Telegram and I will respond during office hours, you can leave a comment under the video if you have a specific question, or by email. I'm here to provide the support and guidance you need to thrive in your creative journey! 


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