Moving Clay:

A Wellness Webinar for Potters 



Hey Maker! 

Your alignment at the wheel matters! So many of the ceramic artists I work with complain of low back pain. Can you relate?! This doesn’t come as a surprise because most potters aren’t taught how to sit or stand well at the wheel.

Did you know that your movements can actually retrain your body to create strength in areas that might be lacking? You deserve to know more. That's why I created this wellness webinar specifically for potters called Moving Clay. During this1hr webinar I will teach you what’s happening in your body to cause those aching knots in your low back. Or what to do when your hands are cramping. It’s going to be fun, informative, and you’ll leave feeling empowered to move well in the studio! Are you in?!

The act of throwing at the wheel can be so heavy on the body, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you learn how to move well, all of that work can strengthen you in the long term. I am going to offer you tips and strategies to consider while working at the wheel, wedging clay, and pinching pots. Let’s talk alignment!


What You'll Learn: 

  • Create better alignment at the wheel and in the ceramics studio.

  • Standing vs Sitting at the wheel

  • What is pain telling you?

  • Reduce back pain in the studio.

  • Reduce your risk of injury in your hands and body while wedging clay, throwing, or pinching pots.

  • Learn accessible self-care and massage techniques to apply to your studio/daily routines.


What Potters Are Saying

“Hudson River Potters was delighted to welcome Wellness for Makers to our meeting. Missy did not disappoint! When ceramic artists think about our health, we tend to be concerned about what we breathe. Sadly, we pay less attention to our posture and how we move. Engaging and energetic, Missy gave us practical information and introduced us to better techniques for taking care of our bodies. Not only did we learn so much, we had a great time!” - Judyth Stavans 


Create a Lasting Studio Practice

You deserve to feel great in your body! Are you ready to enhance your movement patterns? 

Moving Clay


  • 1hr Wellness Course
  • Downloadable Guide 
  • Move at Your Own Pace
  • Lifetime Access
  • Feel great in your body!