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Thumby Massage Tool




The Thumbby Massager Is a new Massage Tool that has been designed with the professional & general public in mind. Easy to use, it actually feels like a thumb to the receiving party. It can go deep with out that unyielding feeling that a lot of hard massage tools provide. It is slightly softer than a thumb, and the point is the same width as a thumb. The shape of the Thumbby concentrates force at the point by 8x what is applied at the base, which means that someone with weak hands can put their body weight onto a thumb-sized point that never tires out. Soft & comfortable to hold, it yields the same way a thumb does when it meets resistance. The Thumbby has multiple geometries for massage. You can use the point, slope, shoulder & base to find the right angle to apply pressure to a muscle. It doesn't slip (on dry skin). It has a higher co-efficient of friction than a thumb, which makes it better than a thumb for cross-fiber friction massage, and can be used through a persons clothing. The Thumbby sticks to walls, with the base having enough suction to stick onto a smooth surface. Stick it to a door and self-massage your own back, or to the floor and give yourself a fantastic self-foot massage. Weighing 6 oz, it is portable, can be used heated* (in hot water only - no direct heat or microwave) or chilled* (it's not as cold as ice and it doesn't drip), and can easily be carried in your suitcase, bags, etc. It will let you give a great deep tissue massage, even if your hands are not strong. The Thumbby was invented by a massage therapist w 36 years experience in partnership with an engineer. It will last for years, and is proudly made in Oregon, USA. Each Thumbby comes with an instructional mini-booklet that includes links to a site that has usage pictures & videos.

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