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Hey Maker! 

 My goal has always been to make information about the body more accessible to artists everywhere. So I reached out on Instagram recently and asked what you needed to make that possible. I learned that you are interested in shorter weekly sessions that keep you feeling motivated and inspired.

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to carve out time and space for self-care, but movement breaks are critical for learning to create longevity in the body. The good news is that even moving a few minutes a day can help create lasting change. That's why I created the Mindful Maker Membership! A platform for makers, like you, to gain access to Mindful Movement Break videos, breathing exercises, and more! I want to help you develop a more consistent movement practice one week at a time.

This subscription allows you to stream pre-recorded classes so you can access them anytime from anywhere! I offer a full range of classes, from complete beginner to movement professional. My goal is to teach you how to move all different parts of the body. We will focus on building strength, creating mobility, and gaining balance in the studio. 


  • Weekly movement breaks videos become available every Monday at 4pm EST. 
  • Gain access to a library of pre-recorded videos. 
  • Ask questions in the virtual forum or comment section below session.
  • Quarterly Virtual Events.
  • Access to breathing exercises.


  • Increase Strength & Flexibility!
  • Relieve Aches & Pains. 
  • Reduce Your Risk of Injury in the future.  

Monthly Membership



Connect with me in the comments section. 

I love reading each of your comments, answering questions, and offering feedback. Here are some screenshots of  our connections. I do my best to answer your questions within 48hrs. 





Francine G.

“As a jeweler who has recently been sidelined by a repetitive motion injury, learning about the proper ergonomics of my practice has become a major priority for me. I downloaded the “Precious Movements” webinar as a way to arm myself with knowledge for my eventual return to my bench. Missy’s delivery is clear and concise- I was able to listen to the audio while driving (and actually absorb it) and then return to the video at a later date to review the information again, with visuals. I know that what I’ve learned from “Precious Movements” will be a huge part of how I structure my work environment and take care of my body going forward, in my career as a jeweler. Thanks, Missy!”


Kasey Jorgensen: Production Manager for Melissa Joy Manning

"Anyone involved in the making industry, from creative professional teams to individual students, would benefit immensely from Missy’s workshop. She is a wealth of knowledge and leads the workshop with a fun and informative atmosphere. Our team of jewelers can apply the techniques learned from this workshop to not only improve their work day but also their daily lives, allowing them to continue working on their craft in a healthy and sustainable way for their bodies."


Kristin Muller: Executive Director for Peters Valley School of Craft 

“We spend money on tools and equipment for our studios, find ways to repair and replace the tools we need to make our work and often discount our most important tool, our bodies. Wellness for Makers® is a brilliant resource to help us nurture, maintain, and repair our bodies.”