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Have you ever wanted to live and make on the road? Then you are in the right place! Madison Hampton is the Founder of Vancrafted Studio. That’s right, a jewelry studio founded on wheels!

After graduating from Northern Michigan University School of Art and Design, Madison, her husband Gage, and their adorable Australian Shepherd Tobin, spent years living, making, and running a successful jewelry business on the road. They moved into a Chevy Express Van to live minimally and connect to the adventure that life called them towards.

In this episode, Madison shares the pros and cons of Van Life. We talked about what life on (and off!) the road has done to her overall wellness. Madison also offers some excellent business advice for any artist looking to get up and running on their own! She inspires all Makers to follow their dreams, lead a life of adventure, and to live authentically. 

What does living on the road have to do with Wellness? More than...

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