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Ever wonder how you can work in a way that protects your career as an artist? Carrie Cleveland from CERF+ shares her secret! CERF+. Carrie has worked for CERF+ for 11 years and currently finds herself overseeing the Education and Outreach side of the organization. 

CERF+ is the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. An organization that was founded by artists for artists. It formalized what began as crowd funding and turned it into a platform to provide meaningful financial assistance and recovery for artists suffering from natural or personal disasters. CERF+ urges artists to prepare and rehabilitate studio practices, as well as helps actively confront disasters. 

Carrie tells us about her remarkable career and impact with CERF+ and offers a wealth of resources for all makers. We talk about the time Wellness for Makers and CERF+ joined forces and we listen as Carrie shares some insightful stories to reflect on and consider the importance of an organization such as...

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