Hey Maker!

Have you ever wanted to know about some of the materials and chemicals you use in the studio? If yes, then you won’t want to miss this episode!

During this week's conversation, I chat with Dr. ElizabethShaw and Lucy Derickson! They are both a part of Ethical Metalsmiths, a community for responsible jewelers to connect, take action and provide education for more ethical and safer studio practices. 

Two years ago, Wellness for Makers® was invited to join forces with this duo to create the CriticalSmiths Research Series Project. CriticalSmiths was created to inspire jewelry students to think critically about studio safety issues and their personal work habits. 

Before we dive in, here's a little bit about our lovely ladies from today’s episode. 

Liz is a contemporary jeweller and metalsmith. She is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and Head of the Jewellery and Small Objects department of Queensland College of Art Griffith University in Australia. Her works have been curated into national and international exhibitions.  

Lucy is a metalsmith and passionate educator. In 2014, Lucy collaboratively founded and is currently the facilitator to the Ethical Metalsmiths Student Committee (EMSC). She is also the full time Metals Area Instructor, and the Metals/Craft Area Coordinator at Montgomery College, Maryland.

In this episode, we revisit our international research project about flux. Six students from the Queensland College of Art Griffith University embarked on the study. We talk about each student’s enriching and diverse backgrounds. Each of them gaining and offering inspiration from their fellow researchers and their multitude of dynamic perspectives.

Tune in to hear some of our takeaways and learnings from CriticalSmiths Research Series: FLUX EMStudents: QCA. Join the community of caring buyers, jewelers, designers, and suppliers from Ethical Metalsmiths. A community committed to responsible, environmentally-sound practices for all facets of the Jewelry Industry. Let's strive to connect and educate people globally from mine to market and may this episode be the reminder to never stop learning! 

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