podcast Feb 22, 2021

Hey Maker! 

I am so excited to introduce today’s guest, Tyler Benner. Tyler is former US Archery Olympic level archer, author of “Inside the Archer”, and the Founder of Venn Design a company dedicated to creating furniture designed for human movement. I reached out to Tyler because I love Venn Design’s Air Chair, a Stability ball that is beautifully crafted with you in mind to help you move, bend, and wiggle while you work! Inspired by stability balls, Tyler set out to make a piece of upholstered furniture that had a pleasing temperature for sitting and utilized a beautiful design for you to enjoy having it in your space rather than hiding it away. Each piece is beautifully crafted by hand in Salem, Oregon. Venn Air Chairs come in two sizes and a range of colors, styles, and designs, including the newly launched NASA / Solar Series and premium Pendleton Wool Jacquards! 

In this week’s conversation, Tyler invites us to surround ourselves with objects that encourage movement in hopes that we will live life longer with greater mobility. Tyler inspires us to transition and reconnect to our wellness practice; urging us to move more often and to introduce variability to our daily movements. He even compares this transformation of a wellness practice to a piece of artwork, pointing out that there is no shortcut but that the patience and effort put in is worth it for the end result. Let’s dive in to learn more! 

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