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Hey Maker! 

I came across this quote and had to share it with you!

"Don't Speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body doesn't know the difference. Works are energy and cast spells, that's why it's called spelling." -Bruce Lee

I love this play on the word spelling. The idea that our words have meaning, especially for ourselves and in our bodies. 

It is common to hear people say "my body is failing me" or "my body is broken". More importantly, it is more than common to feel this way! One of my greatest learnings from one of my teachers is that we think our body fails us, but in actuality, we often fail our bodies. Which sounds daunting, but in reality it gives us agency to have a greater relationship with our bodies and the ability to easily create lasting change.

The words "my body is failing me" are heavy and usually leave us feeling stuck and even helpless. When we change the narrative to "how am I failing my body?" we take back our power to take care of our most important tool. Which can ultimately lead to seeing things through the lens of "I can try, and go from there" instead of "I never can". 

Our bodies are never not adapting. In other words, the words we feed it, the movements we perform with it, and the connections we make, are important and can implement lasting change. Let us "cast spells" that promote Wellness for us and inside of us.. because you deserve it!  


Musings by Krystal Kaiser

Wellness for Makers Guest Writer 


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