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Hey Maker!

I’m so excited to share this week’s conversation with you! Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya is neuroscientist who has found her way in art and design. She is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, TED speaker, and STEM advocate who works at the intersection of art, tech, science and social justice. In this episode, Amanda shares her story and explains what we can do as makers to help our brains age well.

A knee injury challenged her way of moving and coordinating, leading her to study neuroscience at Columbia where she worked at an Alzheimer's research lab. She was challenged by a professor to tell him how she shares the importance of the work she does in the lab with other people. From this question, Amanda decided to find a way to take a leap and move into art and design. Ultimately, her way of connecting science with the world is through art. 

Today, Amanda is a two-time TED speaker whose creative practice includes numerous projects, initiatives and exhibitions that bring science and society closer together. She also works with forward-thinking brands to strategically solve tough business challenges and develop visual stunning campaigns that bring their ideas to life. She also brings scientists and artists together through her creation and work in The Leading Strand and she also devotes herself to uplifting women and young girls around the world to find their unique space. 

Amanda acknowledges that important research may be complex and dense, but through visual translation it can be transformed into a medium that makes the information both digestible and delightful. Join us in learning more about Amanda’s special and diverse works, as well as her heartfelt reminder that you are one of a kind, Maker. 



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Special thanks to Vacationland Music Company for creating the intro and the outro of the Wellness for Makers Podcast. 





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