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Hey Maker!

I wanted to introduce myself as I will be posting regularly in the Mindful Makers Forum and now on the blog! Some of you may know me, but I am Missy's assistant and aid in any and all things Wellness for Makers. I also consider her the dearest of friends. We met through yoga and received our E-RYT 500 together! 
I graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Business Administration. I have always loved to create, especially in the realm of textiles, movement of the body, or through my writing. I also grew up a mover. I was a college athlete and 10+ years a dancer but soon found myself stuck in the sedentary life, stress, and lull of corporate NYC Fashion. Yoga was my solace. A reconnection to my aching body as well as my love for movement and the fluid creative process. I dove into teacher training over the course of 2 years, attended 2 Anatomy Cadaver Lab trips and reclaimed my love for ongoing learning and creation. I now teach yoga, work at a local handmade Bath & Body Shop and you guessed it, Wellness for Makers! 
Throughout this journey, I have always clung to written words. Whether it be quotes, phrases or questions, they have always helped place me in this complex dance of life that we all share. On Mondays, I will be sharing some of my favorite quotes and words. They can be called "Monday Musings" if you will! An offering in the beginning of the week that will lend itself to contemplative thought, moments of quiet reflection, and hopefully inspiration. 

I look forward to connecting and urge you to share the things that help place you in the narrative of your life. 



Wellness for Makers Assistant and Guest Writer 



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