Uncategorized Jun 07, 2021
"A single hand movement can involve as many as fifty muscles working together in concert. Even more impressive, the powerful and delicate movements of fingers are purely the result of transferred force. There are no muscles in the fingers (otherwise they would enlarge to a bulky and unwieldy size); tendons transfer strength from the muscles in the forearm." 
The Gift of Pain by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey 
Fifty muscles?! Wow! How many of you work endless hours with your hands? These are most likely your greatest tools and they were free! They can easily go unnoticed as something that requires consistent care and 'maintenance' because we paid no money for them and they are seemingly smaller than, say, a thigh.
I love this quote because it perfectly depicts why when our hands hurt, our wrists also hurt and so do our forearms. The action of working with our hands is not an isolated movement, it calls upon the muscles in the surrounding area for back up. When we take care of one, we help the work of another. 

In what ways can you care for your hands this week? By caring for your hands, you will in turn care for your wrists and your forearms! 
Musings by Krystal Kaiser
Wellness for Makers Guest Writer 

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