New to yoga? No problem.

My classes are mixed level but accessible for anybody. I provide my students with an opportunity to engage with their own strengths and limitations through alignment-based poses and thoughtful considerations. I believe that by deepening our understanding of the body, we can create a more conscious and sustainable yoga practice.



Missy Graff Ballone is the founder of Wellness for Makers™ LLC, an organization dedicated to motivating and empowering artists through education and mindful living. Missy graduated with her MFA in Metals from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She is a RYT-500hr Alignment-based Yoga Teacher and she has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 10 years. She created Wellness for Makers™ to make it easier for artists everywhere to locate and share wellness resources.

Teaching Schedule

Wednesdays at 8am. Yoga Mechanics. Montclair, NJ. Basic Level.

Thursdays: 9:30am-11am. Yoga Mechanics. Montclair, NJ. Mixed Level.


Not in NJ?

Tips on selecting a yoga studio:

Do your Research

Call a few Yoga Studios. Ask what types of styles they offer ask more about their instructors. Who do they recommend and why? Tell them more about you, your limitations, and see which instructors they suggest.

Choose an instructor

I look for instructors who have 500+ hours of training. That is not to say that teachers with 200 hrs aren’t capable of being excellent instructors. It is just something I use for reference because it shows me that they’ve done extra work not just the minimum requirement. They are interested in continuing their education and deepening their understanding of the body and practice.

Trust yourself

Your body is more important than any pose your body is not physically ready for. If someone is telling you differently, trust your gut. Come down and do child’s pose. No yoga pose is worth an injury.

Host an alignment workshop at your yoga studio


Finding Anatomical NEUTRAL

Anatomical Neutral is a neutral position from which movement is initiated. In yoga we refer to this posture as Tadasana. In this workshop, we will deconstruct a series of yoga poses and move through a variety of movements and excursuses that will help you experience neutrality within the shapes. Students will be inspired to consider their patterns of their movements on and off of the mat.