Wellness Retreat for Makers: Revitalize 2017

at Menla Retreat, Resort, and Spa


November 2nd-5th
Learn, Relax, Recharge, and Connect!


Join Wellness for Makers for an inspiring all-inclusive weekend surrounded by the scenic fall foliage of the Catskill Mountains! Attend lectures and workshops led by some of our favorite Mindful Makers. Workshop topics will include: Yoga, Body Mechanics, Reset’s Self-Tuning Techniques, Business Coaching, Massage, Studio Ergonomics, and more! This action-packed weekend will provide you with an opportunity to revitalize your mind and body, and the chance to build lasting relationships with artists, craftsmen, and professionals from all over the country. During your free time, take advantage of Menla’s state-of-the-art spa, hike and explore the Catskill mountains, enjoy time around the bonfire with new friends, or catch up on some rest. Leave feeling revitalized with a heightened sense of connection to your personal creativity and a new set of skills to incorporate into your professional practice.



Missy Graff Ballone: Founder of Wellness for Makers, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Artist.
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Raïssa Bump: Founder of Reset, Forrest Yoga Instructor, Jeweler.
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Heidi Lowe: Inspirational Business Coach, Gallery Owner, Artist.
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Loren Crabbe: Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Wellness Coach, Performance Artist.
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Class Descriptions:


Instructor: Missy Graff Ballone
Class Title: Wellness and Your Studio Practice
Class Description: Wellness for Makers is dedicated to motivating and empowering artists through education and mindful living. This class will include a mix of background information, such as how knots develop in the body, and practical instruction, such as different ways to increase blood flow, circulation, and flexibility. Attendees will learn massage techniques that can be incorporated into their daily studio routines. These techniques are designed to help boost energy levels, alleviate pain, reduce the risk of injury, and improve posture. Self-care tools will be provided for the duration of the workshop. Each student will walk away with a trigger point ball, a handout, and new skills that will support a healthier studio practice.

Instructor: Missy Graff Ballone
Class Title: Alignment Yoga
Class Description: Missy teaches an alignment-based style of yoga in which the poses are adjusted to make them accessible to any body. Each class is approachable and challenging, and provides attendees with the opportunity to feel empowered through movement. The classes are woven with contemplative content that draws you deeper into the physical practice.

Instructor: Raïssa Bump
Class Title: Reset’s Self-Tuning Techniques
Class Description: As makers, we are taught how to take care of our tools so they perform optimally over a long period of time. We ‘tune-up’ our shop equipment so we can continue to make, but we rarely consider that our body is our most important tool and that it also needs adjustments to perform well over time. In this workshop, you will be taught quick and simple Self-Tuning techniques that help keep your body in good working form, your mind attentive, and prevent or relieve common strains that are a result of your working habits.

All of these techniques can be done in the studio, take no more than three minutes to perform, and are appropriate for people of all types and all ages. They are perfect for times of waiting, indecision, or in moments when you feel stuck. Self-Tuning techniques do not require special equipment or prior experience to perform, but they are guaranteed to increase focus, shift perspective, heighten your connection to creativity, and make you feel better! Each student will walk away with a complimentary neck stretch audio file and hand out.

Instructor: Raïssa Bump
Class Title: Forrest Yoga
Class Description: Raïssa is a steady and strong teacher, bringing compassion and patience to the learning process. She will teach an all-level Forrest Yoga ( class that includes a long savasana. Forrest Yoga focuses on breath and healing, addresses injuries and alignment, and is a balance of familiar and adventurous sequencing. Use this time on the mat to connect inward to your energy, delight in your strength and let go of what is no longer useful. Then carry these gifts of your practice with you in your daily experiences off of the mat.

Instructor: Heidi Lowe
Class Title: Core Wisdom for Creative Entrepreneurs
Class Description: In this class, students will work with Gallery Owner Heidi Lowe to learn new ways to approach their careers in the art world. Heidi will start the day with a discussion of her unique perspective as a gallery owner, maker, teacher, and business coach. Heidi will provide an overview of the different avenues available to artists and share from her personal experiences and practice. Heidi will then guide participants through a series of exercises that will help them refine their values as artists and determine what drives their practice and how to navigate the creative business world with that in mind. This session will help artists plan the next steps in their professional development.

Instructor: Loren Crabbe
Class Title: Correctional and Functional Training
Class Description: The correctional and functional training course is split up into two sessions. The initial session will be used to analyze different aspects of your life and target those that are affecting your physical state and productivity. A full postural analysis and wellness survey will be completed, which will expose any structural issues and/or muscular imbalances.

The second session will be used to teach basic alignment principles, breathing techniques, and applied programming for your individualized needs. This will include a continued daily program and online support. Approaching wellness as an all-encompassing theory that includes physical, mental, and emotional components allows us to better see the areas that need adjustment and understand the mind-body connection.


What’s included?
1. Lodging
2. Delicious Vegetarian Meals
3. Tea and coffee service
4. Daily Yoga (beginners welcome)
5. Group wellness workshops
6. Individual Postural Assessments
7. Individual Inspirational Business Coaching sessions
8. Swag bag filled with wellness goodies!
9. Networking opportunities
10. Bonfires each night!
11. Free time to decompress, relax, and revitalize!

Not included:
1. Transportation
2. Spa Services
3. Alcohol

What should I bring?
1. Water Bottle
2. Notebook and writing utensils
3. Comfortable clothes for yoga or hiking (optional)
4. Flashlight
5. Umbrella
6. Camera

The full schedule is in the works! We will be adding more information about the group workshops and individual sessions soon!

Check in:
Thursday, November 2nd at 3pm-8pm

Check out:
Sunday, November 5th at 12pm-1pm

Payment Plans:
Payment plans are available at checkout. If you choose a payment plan, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. Final balance is due by August 31st, 2017. If final payment is not received by this date, Wellness for Makers reserves the right to cancel your reservation and withhold the deposit.


375 Pantherkill Road
Phoenicia, NY 12464

Menla is conveniently located 2.5 hours north of NYC by car, 3 hours by bus and 3.5 hours from Boston by car.

(From NYC) Call Adirondack Trailways, 800-776-7548, or visit their Fee Chart, for information and departure times to and from Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City and Phoenicia, NY. Reservations not required. The trip takes about three hours from NYC and two hours from Albany.

With advance notice, Menla provides a $5 shuttle to and from Phoenicia up until 8 p.m for people traveling by bus. Please call 845-688-6897 ext. 0 to arrange for pickup.

Cross George Washington Bridge (upper level); take an immediate right onto the Palisades Parkway; continue to exit 9 West (NYS Thruway Albany 87). Drive for about 1 hour to exit 19 (Kingston exit); after toll booth stay to the right and take first right at traffic circle onto Route 28 West toward Pine Hill. Continue about 22 miles to Phoenicia. Continue approximately 1/2 mile beyond the Phoenicia sign on right and make first left onto Woodland Valley Road. After you cross a small bridge, make a right, continuing on Woodland Valley Road for about 1/2 mile. Immediately after the “Dangerous Intersection” sign on the right, turn right onto Pantherkill Road (there is a small sign, “Menla Mountain,” at the intersection). Continue approximately 2 miles to the end of the road, where you will enter the gates of Menla Mountain. Through the gates, bear slightly right, uphill to the main parking area in front of a large three-story beige building with a blue roof, fire escape, and trim (Lhasa Inn). Park in the parking lot and enter Lhasa through the middle of three doors to find the Front Desk.