Reset's Self-Tuning Techniques


Join Raïssa Bump at this year's Wellness Retreat for Makers: Revitalize 2017! As makers, we are taught how to take care of our tools so they perform optimally over a long period of time. We ‘tune-up’ our shop equipment so we can continue to make, but we rarely consider that our body is our most important tool and that it also needs adjustments to perform well over time. In this workshop, you will be taught quick and simple Self-Tuning techniques that help keep your body in good working form, your mind attentive, and prevent or relieve common strains that are a result of your working habits.

All of these techniques can be done in the studio, take no more than three minutes to perform, and are appropriate for people of all types and all ages. They are perfect for times of waiting, indecision, or in moments when you feel stuck. Self-Tuning techniques do not require special equipment or prior experience to perform, but they are guaranteed to increase focus, shift perspective, heighten your connection to creativity, and make you feel better! Each student will walk away with a complimentary neck stretch audio file and hand out.

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