Down to Basics: Studio Ergonomics


"Repetitive activity is what causes injury. In my studio, I regularly change activities, and refer to it as being purposefully inefficient." -Kristen Kieffer

Studio Tips
* Your chair should be comfortable and have an adjustable height.
* Your thighs should be either parallel to the floor or at a slight downward angle from your hips to your knees.
* Sit straight (try not to slouch)
* Adjust your table height occasionally or alternate between sitting at a table and standing at a bench.
* Alternate between workspaces. Movement is important during the day.
* Try not to grip your tools to tightly!
* Use rubber mats in areas of your studio where you stand for extended periods of time.

For proper head posture, remember these three tips:
* Keep your chin level
* Keep the back of your neck long
* Keep your shoulders low