CERF+ Get Ready Grant!

As an artist, I take studio safety seriously. I am always striving to learn more about how to create safer studio practices, so I am exited to share a great resource with all of you!

CERF+ serves artists who work in craft disciplines by providing a safety net to support strong and sustainable careers. I recently received one of their "Get Ready Grants", which I applied for after moving my studio from a community space to my home. I applied for it because I was concerned about metal dusts and fumes from solder, flux, wax, and silicone. I wanted to make sure that my workspace is safely ventilated to protect myself and my family from any unpleasant or potentially dangerous fumes.

With the grant, I purchased a HAKKO Fume Extraction System. This system has great reviews and will capture fumes as they're generated, before they can be inhaled or dissipate throughout the studio/house. It will then return clean and purified air back into the room. Adding this system to my studio will help reduce my risk of potential health issues in the future.

If you are an artist who works in a craft medium, consider applying for this incredibly helpful grant! The next deadline is only a month away!

Happy Making!