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    Hustle vs Burnout

    Hey Maker!

    Summer is ending and pumpkin lattes are among us. You know what that means? The holiday season is on it's way. Which is great for us makers because it means more orders, more clients, more gigs, and more money! It's an exciting time right?

    But what I've noticed is that we often fail to plan ahead for our own self-care during the holiday rush. "I'll take a break later", I'll worry about myself in a few more weeks", "I just have to finish this and then I can..." Sound familiar?

    At times like these, it's important to remember that your body has limitations. Which means that if you push it too hard without incorporating self-care into your practice, you risk injuring yourself or reaching burnout. There is a fine line between Hustle and Burnout. Which side of the line are you usually on by the end of the holiday rush?

    When life gets busy and it's time to hustle, your job is to listen to your body and become more responsive.

    I want to help you prepare for the months ahead. I want to teach you how to create the change your body deserves. Why? Because it is your most valuable tool. That's why I am hosting a webinar on October 15th. It's called Back to Basics. In this 2hr webinar, I will teach you how to create more efficient movement patterns so that over time, you can say "Hey, I have more mobility, I have more energy, I feel less pain, I get fewer headaches, I am more focused and inspired!"

    Are you ready? Sign up before October 1st and I'll send you a bonus gift!



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