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    Make Time to Stretch

    Hey Maker!

    Are your hands exhausted? Me too! Here are a few stretches to try throughout your day. Please go in slow and listen to your body. You might not have the same mobility or flexibility as I do in these pictures and that is ok. Work with your breath. If you feel pain back off.

    If you are struggling with a particular injury please check with your doctor or PT before continuing.

    Wrist Stretch.jpg

    Place your hands on a table. Turn one hand around to stretch out your wrist. Shift your weight forward to reduce pressure. Take 3 deep breaths, release, and do the other side.


    Time to grab a tennis ball! This movement helps to counter balance the repetitive action of gripping all the time (tools, phones, etc.) . Hold for 10-20 seconds, focus on your breath, and switch sides.


    Turn your palm up and place the back on your hand on a table. Ease into the stretch slowly. If the pressure becomes too intense, then apply less pressure. It’s ok if your wrist doesn’t have as much mobility as the picture. Don’t force your hand down. Listen to your body and take a few breaths. Then switch sides.

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