Summer is finally here!

Hey Maker!

Summer time is here! Which means it’s flip flop season. I was so upset when I learned how much flip flops/slip on shoes were creating unnecessary strain on my body. But I am so glad I learned when I did. The act of gripping your toes to hold onto your shoes forces your body out of alignment. Your toes were made to spread and press 🦶not scrunch and bunch! .

It took me a while to find a new summer shoe that meets my needs and keeps my feet closer to the ground.

In this pic, I am wearing a pair of minimal sandals by xero. They allow your feet to feel and respond to more variety in the terrain you walk on (automatically!), which helps retrain your muscles to develop more strength in areas that are lacking. Minimal shoes can be a great step on the path to developing more resilient ankles! If you’re new to minimal footwear, ease into it slowly. Learn more about you feet and ankles in my blog post “What types of shoes do you wear in the studio?”. Check it out and let me know what you think.