Make Time to Reconnect

Hey Maker!

Anyone else use their phone as a distraction from big things happening around you that are hard to deal with? Keep me in my happy Instagram bubble filled with pretty images please! But seriously, it’s not good for our energy levels, our ability to focus, and it can be a big distraction from our creativity. Let me be clear, I’m not saying to ditch social media. But lately, I’ve been challenging myself to move my phone away from my bed and purchase an actual alarm clock ⏰ (baby steps 😜).

As creative entrepreneurs it is so easy to get sucked into email and social media. But let’s be real, there is a fine line between hustle and burnout. So it’s time to set some boundaries! Now when I have the physical urge to check my phone, I am retraining my mind and body to grab a book or journal instead. I‘ve been reading “How to Breathe” by Ashley Neese and I love it. This book helps you work through big things like anger, grief, and forgiveness. It is helping me learn to create boundaries in my life while honoring my personal resilience through my breath. Your breath is an incredibly amazing tool. We often take it for granted because it is always with us, but learning to access it and focus on it can help us reconnect to our physical body when we’re going through hard things. You are capable of getting through and even connecting to challenging experiences. .

So instead of opening up your text messages, favorite social media account, or email the second you wake up, take a moment to actually wake up. Drink a glass of water, go for a walk, eat, cuddle, read a book, or stretch! Make some time to notice the world around you before putting your mind on autopilot. This exercise gives you time to connect to your body. Try it out, you might just find that you are actually more productive this way. .

Sending you hugs today!