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    Stressing out about creating proposals?

    Hey Maker!

    I’ve been working with clients for a while now and one of the things I always got hung up on was creating a custom package or proposal. Ugh! It would totally stress me out! Do you work with clients one on one to create custom pieces, packages, or designs?

    I don’t know about you but I would have a great conversation with a school or university and then I’d say “I’ll forward you my custom proposal in the next few days!” But then a few days would turn into a week. I was creating each proposal from scratch. It would give me anxiety to put it together and press send.

    Creating proposals and quotes was always hard for me. I remember when I would get requests to make custom wedding rings or other types of jewelry. I would stress out trying to create the right price for them. That was what I hated most about getting orders. Does this sound familiar?

    Then when it came time to start creating proposals for Wellness for Makers, I was in the same boat because I was making more work for myself by doing it all from scratch each time. Instead of stressing out about the price and creating a proposal, I should have been jumping up and down because I was about to get paid! That is the feeling I wanted.

    Then I learned about Honeybook. Honeybook is an online tool to help you book clients more efficiently and it helps you stay organized. It is perfect for photographers, designers, and anyone working in a creative industry who creates packages and proposals. It is a great way to showcase your offering.

    Now that I switched over to Honeybook, I have all of my proposal templates ready to go. When a client books with me, they immediately receive my proposal, contract, and payment plan for their event. It has helped me have more confidence in my pricing and has helped me get paid on time! It is really easy for my clients to use and looks super official. I wish I joined sooner.

    They also offer a free community resource. You are encouraged to post if you are looking for work, to hire, or collaborate with other makers. It is an incredible resource and I’ve had the opportunity of collaborating with photographers, hiring my first virtual assistant, and finding videographers to work with. It’s honestly the best!

    Does HoneyBook sound like a good fit for you? Here is a referral link to recieve 50% off your first year!