Is your phone affecting your studio practice?

Hey Maker,

Next time you’re on your phone (maybe it’s right now), take a moment to examine your posture. Are you hunched over? Is your neck jutting forward? Do you look/feel more like the person in the image on the left or the image on the right? As a movement instructor, I spend a lot of time considering how others are using their bodies, and most of the people I see using their phones look more like the image on the left. I want you to develop more resiliency in your body, so here are a few tips to help get you closer to an anatomically neutral position!


TIp #1: Lift your phone out in front of you. It is a common tendency to hold our phones down by our waists. This adds a lot of strain to the neck since your head has to drop forward to read what is on the screen. Hold your phone a little higher and straighten your neck.

Tip #2: Use your thumbs less! Most of us depend on our thumbs to type and scroll through social media. Try alternating between using your thumbs and your fingers. Your hands will thank you!

Tip #3: Massage your hands and fingers. Our Travel Kits include a mini foam ball for massaging your hands, and an acupressure ring to stimulate the acupressure points in your fingers. Use tools like these to increase blood flow and circulation, and alleviate strain.

Look Beyond the Screen!

There are a few different things you can do to mitigate the eye strains that can be caused by heavy computer and phone use.

Start by eliminating the blue light from your screen as much as possible in the later part of the day. You can do this by wearing prescription or non-prescription glasses that filter out blue light (Felix Gray has a lot of options), installing a program like Flux onto your computer or phone, or adjusting the settings on your phone (iPhones have a built-in feature called Night Shift that does this).

We spend so much time indoors looking at screens that our eyes don’t get to practice focusing on things that are far away. Take breaks and step outside! Go for a walk and allow yourself to focus on things that are off in the distance. This not only gives your eyes a break, it’s also a chance to refresh your mind! Can’t get outside? Look out the nearest window and take a few moments to stare at something far away.

Keep Moving Forward!

If you enjoyed these tips and are interested in diving deeper, let’s work together! From the Ground Up registration closes tomorrow March 31st at 11:59pm. I want to help you learn how to create the longevity you need in your practice to support a lifetime of making. Interested in a payment plan?

You will walk away with the skills you need to build strength and mobility in the studio through intentional movement, corrective exercises, strengthening techniques, massage techniques, stretches, and posture check-ins. Included in this course, you will receive your own Complete Wellness Kit containing my favorite self-care tools that have helped me in my studio practice.

For those who have asked: Yes! This course is open to international artists!

Let’s do this!