Why I decided to trademark my brand

Hey Maker!

Have you had any issues with copycats? I know I have! I can’t tell you how many times I have had brands and even organizations that I’ve worked closely with trying to create offerings that are a little too close to what I do. They’ve even used the same language in their descriptions! I believe in collaboration over competition but it is also important to protect yourself along the way.

I believe that you deserve to feel supported! Your artwork and brand deserve to be protected. Your ideas are creative and no one should rip you off. Making a profit is a part of your wellbeing and we should be building each other up by finding new ways to support each other and collaborate.

I am so grateful to have my business, brand, and vision protected. In the beginning, I didn’t understand the importance of it. Then I booked a free consultation with Sprout Law! I learned so much about why trademarking is critical for a small business. Sprout Law is a law firm for women entrepreneurs and they do free consultations if anyone wants to chat about how trademarks or copyrights work. Getting a trademark is a lengthy process but worth the wait!

 If you are interested in learning about copyright, trademarking, contracts, and more, I highly recommend speaking to Nicole and her team at Sprout Law . Let her know I sent ya!

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