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    What types of shoes do you wear in the studio?

    Hey Maker!

    Look down at your feet and think about your shoes. Do your shoes feel tight? Do you wear ‘adorable’ heels all the time? Squeezing your toes into crunched positions in order to rock the latest fashion is not the best option when it comes to structural health. How are your feet feeling right now?! Tired? Sore? Fantastic? Remember: your feet are your foundation and their alignment affects the rest of your body. They are too often overlooked or neglected. Your feet deserve a change of pace!

    Have you heard about the minimal shoe movement? Minimal shoes are different than regular shoes in a couple of ways. For one, they have a much wider toe-box, which gives your feet room to stretch (you can even wear toe spacers with many of them). They allow your feet to feel and respond to more variety in the terrain you walk on (automatically!), which helps retrain your muscles to develop more strength in areas that are lacking. Minimal shoes can be a great step on the path to developing more resilient ankles!

    Most of our shoes have a heel. Whether it's our comfortable sneakers, doc martins, or dress shoes. Standard shoes with even the smallest heel can shift our bodies out of alignment. Our bodies compensate for the misalignment by crafting new muscles patterns that create instability.

    Here are some of my favorite minimal shoe brands to check out!

    1. Vivo Barefoot

    2. Xero

    3. Lems

    Let me know what you think!