What did you learn in art school?

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I don’t know about the art program(s) that you attended, but in the ones I went through we didn’t really talk about health and wellness in the studio. I get it, we’re in art school to study art, not physical therapy, but our studio practices influence the longevity of our careers, and I believe that encouraging education about these topics should be a priority.

If health and wellness issues aren't discussed in studio programs, how are we supposed to prepare for a lifetime of making? How can we reduce our risk of developing a repetitive strain injury or chronic pain if we’re not taught how to stand well, how to hold our tools correctly, when to switch tasks, or how to create the strength we need to fulfill our creative visions?

If we’re never taught how to move well in the studio, chances are we'll just implement the strategies and habits that were taught to us by our instructors. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked an artist why they do something a specific way and their response is “that’s the way I was taught.”

Speaking from personal experience, I can say with confidence that it’s not easy to unlearn the patterns and habits that our bodies have adapted to. The good news is that your body is capable of developing new patterns that are more sustainable. Your body is worth the effort.

As an educator, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to create a new understanding surrounding the relationships between our bodies and our studio practices. I want to teach you how to stand well, how to create more healthy movements, and how to strengthen your hands and body.

With that being said, I created a 6 week online course called From the Ground UpI am really excited about this offering because each week we will focus on a different area of the body, starting with the feet and ankles! You will receive a video filled with techniques, a PDF outlining the exercises and strategies in the video, and the opportunity to ask me questions along the way. Together we can create positive change in the body!

Registration for From the Ground Up will close on March 31st! The course will begin on April 10th. So grab your seat while you still can!

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