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    I walked 10 miles a day in San Francisco. This is what I learned.

    Hey Maker!


    When I arrived in San Francisco, I was greeted by a wave of calm and took a breath of fresh air. It was an incredible feeling that I embraced with movement. I took the opportunity to walk extra miles every day to take in the world around me from a different perspective. I was soaking up the sunlight (yay! vitamin D) and feeling inspired!

    At the end of the first day, I was filled with energy and incredibly excited to do it again. By the third day, my body was very sore. So, instead of laying in bed all day and watching Netflix, like I wanted to, I decided to incorporate other movements into my morning. I massaged my feet with my rist roller and worked on my legs and body with my harmony roller. After a few minutes of massage, I stretched through a 20 min yoga practice and I was ready to keep going!

    That day, I walked and walked until I made it to an incredible co-working space called the Assembly. The space was gorgeous and I strongly recommend it for any creative entrepreneur who's traveling through San Francisco. The space was comfortable and beautifully designed. The walls showcased local female artists Meghan Shimek and Heather Day. When I sat down to work, I felt incredibly focused and productive. I couldn’t stop typing the ideas I had been coming up with while I was walking.

    At the end of my work session at the Assembly, I was able to take one of the movement classes that they offer. I attended Liz Letchford’s Release class: A self-care class that helps attendees physically connect to their bodies. The class was a great complement to all of the movement I had done during my travels. I have to admit that I am always skeptical going into a movement class, so I was happy to hear how educated Liz is about the body. She is completing her PHD in Kinesiology and we had the opportunity to totally geek out after class. It was exactly what I needed after so much walking and then sitting for a few hours in the co-working space.

    After I was done at the Assembly, I walked some more. I saw more of the city and experienced more of the details that I might have missed if I wasn’t on foot.

    So, I am obviously a fan of walking! It is a great form of exercise. It increases blood flow and circulation, and it can even help reduces stress and improve focus. But here’s the thing, I am not suggesting that you should go out and walk 10 miles today. Why? Because even though I didn’t specifically prepare for walking 10 miles a few days straight, I have been working on my alignment and how I walk for a couple of years now. I transitioned to minimal shoes and I built up the strength in my feet and ankles to be able to carry myself well without developing an injury. So, even if it seemed to me like I wasn’t preparing for a marathon, in reality, I was.

    Let’s briefly talk about your feet and those tight little pointy shoes you stuff them into everyday. I’ve totally worn them too! They are just too cute right? And they might seem comfy. But are they? If I was wearing shoes that had a heel or a toe that came to a point, I would have had a much harder time walking those miles. My feet would have been killing me by the end of day one. My knees would have been sore. My back would have been aching.

    How do I know? Because I've done it!

    It is not natural for your toes to be compressed together all day long. Your toes should be able to stretch and extend in your shoes. Wearing a heel tilts you forward and misaligns your joints From the Ground Up.

    Wearing shoes that are closer to the ground and being able to utilize toe mobility is how our feet get the information that our legs and torso need in order to maintain stability. So what can you do? I recommend easing yourself into minimal shoes. Check out brands like Vivio Barefoot and Lems! Remember that minimal shoes have less arch support, so it will take time to build up the strength you need in your feet and ankles.

    I hope this post inspires you to get outside and move! Put on your favorite podcast, look at the world around your, and breathe in some fresh air. Your body deserves a change of pace!