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    Love, Loss, and Healing

    Lands End. Photo Credit: Jonathan Ballone

    Lands End. Photo Credit: Jonathan Ballone

    If you’ve met me, you probably noticed that I am extremely extroverted. I love to be around people. It builds me up, inspires me, and gets me excited about life. So, for me, working from home and being an artist/business owner full-time can be a very isolating experience.


    It can get lonely when the only person you talk to in a day is the barista at your local cafe or the cashier at checkout. Interaction is necessary. For years, I wanted my own dog so I would have a friend to come to the studio with me everyday, and inspiration to get outside and go on adventures in all seasons.


    In 2015, my husband Jonathan and I had a unique opportunity to live in San Francisco for five months and it was incredible. I was able to focus on creating artwork and that’s when I really started building Wellness for Makers.


    I was all in, but I felt alone. I didn’t know a lot of people in the area and my husband was working incredibly long hours (start up life). I am so grateful for all of it but I was ready for my studio/wellness dog to be by my side. I was longing for her. I would describe her traits and qualities to my loved ones. I knew I would meet her soon.


    While I was in SF, I discovered this beautiful place and would come here to walk often. It’s a healing place to be. I would quietly collect my thoughts. Quiet my mind and heart. I would remind myself to trust the process. I would take time to focus on my breath. I would consider what I wanted in my life and how I saw my business growing. How I imagined a dog impacting our lives.


    I listened to the waves hitting the rocks. I tasted the salty air. I could smell the eucalyptus trees. I walked through the sand and stepped on the pebbles. I walked with a quiet heart and felt the cool breeze hit my face.


    Last week, I had the opportunity to stand there again. It is truly one of my favorite places on earth. This time instead of longing to meet my beautiful girl, I have already met her, I have already loved her with all of my heart, and I can say with confidence that I provided her with the fullest life possible in a short amount of time.


    I walk in gratitude for having the opportunity to know such a gorgeous soul. I stand strong and experience my anger for losing her unexpectedly. I am here to quiet my heart and focus on my breath.

    Healing is non-linear. It comes in waves. All of the emotions that come along with it are allowed. If you are healing right now, I am with you.