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    Mindful Maker: John Glick

    John Glick was a Ceramic Artist who was enthusiastic about the benefits of standing at the wheel to throw. He taught his studio assistants how to stand in a way that allowed them to use their bodies as leverage and he taught them to create variety in their movements. After his passing, Ceramic Artist Kristen Kieffer has continued to share his insight. Kristen has become an incredible resource and an inspiration for wellness in the community. 

    I have attended NCECA two years in a row and it is clear to me that there is still a lot of work to do in the ceramics community.  More artists need to become aware of the information that John Glick was offering. I want to make sure his story and message continues to get out there. Please take a look at his articles and share them with your ceramics friends. 

    Mr. Glick was an advocate for health and wellness issues in the studio way before Wellness for Makers existed and his work, struggles, and research deserve to be recognized. 

    Article 1: To Sciatica and Back: A Potter's Journey 

    Article 2: Down the Spinal Canal: From Herniation to Ruture

    Happy Healthy Making! 

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