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    I Can't Afford A Spa Day


    I can't afford a Spa Day! 

    How often have you said this to yourself? I hear it all the time because self-care is often thought of as a luxury rather than a necessity.

    I believe that we need to take time for self-care. We need moments to pause and to allow our bodies to relax and reset. Your body is your most valuable tool and you deserve to feel great.

    Even if you can’t go to a fancy spa, bath house, salt room, meditation center, or whatever... you should still take care of your most important tool, your body.

    Create your own ‘spa day’ by drawing yourself a hot bath, hiking into nature to quiet your mind, practicing focusing on your breath, or spending 5-10 minutes a day stretching, strengthening, or massaging your hands at your desk. Little actions can lead to big changes and everyone can afford to incorporate more self-care into their practice.




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