Inspirational Speaking

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Hey Maker! 

Did you know that I love to share the story of how I turned my passions into my career? 


I grew up with a learning disability and I was told in high school that I wouldn’t get into a four year school. However, I overcame my fears, figured out what learning styles work best for me, and moved forward with momentum. Two degrees and several certifications later, I decided to combine my passions and create Wellness for Makers™.


I built this business from the ground up long before I was ready and without getting a business degree. My goal is to inspire creative professionals, like you, to accept and believe in all that they are.


Wellness for Makers™ is so much more than stretching and massage techniques. It is about teaching artists how to live their most effective lives. It’s about understanding that you are already a success. It’s about being honest with yourself about your strengths and limitations. It’s about creating longevity in your mind and body.


I am constantly traveling around the country to schools, conferences, and events. I would love to share my story with your attendees and make your event a stop on my list! If you’re interested in having me speak at your school or event, please contact me. I look forward to connecting!




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