3 Strengthening Tips for The Busy Creative

When we think of strengthening, we often think of some muscular man or woman lifting heavy weights at the gym. The idea of committing to that kind of routine can be intimidating, but when we think of “strength” as it relates to the health of our hands, eyes, or businesses, it becomes a lot more accessible.

Strengthen Your Hands

Your dominant hand and wrist get a lot of extra exercise from everyday activities. Brushing your teeth, holding your phone, and sipping your favorite beverage may not seem like a lot of muscular activity, but it all adds up. Challenge yourself by consciously alternating the roles of your hands, and stretching them, throughout the day! This simple change will build strength in your non-dominant hand.


Strengthen Your Vision

Are you on your computer, phone, or tablet for extended periods of time throughout the day? There are a few things you can do to mitigate the eye strains that can be caused by heavy computer and phone use. 

Start by eliminating the blue light from your screens as much as possible in the later part of the day. You can do this by wearing prescription or non-prescription glasses that filter out blue light (Felix Gray has a lot of options), installing a program like Flux onto your computer or phone, or adjusting the built-in settings on your phone (iPhones have a built-in feature called Night Shift that does this).

We spend so much time indoors looking at screens that our eyes don’t get to practice looking at things that are far away. Take breaks and step outside! Go for a walk and allow yourself to focus on things that are off in the distance. This not only gives your eyes a break, it’s also a chance to refresh your mind! Can’t get outside? Look out the nearest window and take a few moments to stare at something far away.

Felix Gray engineered anti-glare, blue light filtering computer/phone glasses with designers in mind. Photo from Felix Gray

Felix Gray engineered anti-glare, blue light filtering computer/phone glasses with designers in mind. Photo from Felix Gray


Strengthen Your Relationship With Money

We’re often afraid to talk about our relationship with money, and it isn’t always considered to be part of our well-being. I’ve been learning a lot about this topic over the past few months and I believe that the way you think about your relationship with money matters a lot. I recently listened to the hilarious audio book “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jenn Sincero. In the book, Sincero truly crystallizes the concept that financial abundance is ‘an inside job’. She starts from the premise that strengthening your relationship with money begins with your mindset. Sincero gets serious about helping you identify your particular limiting beliefs surrounding money.


As you go throughout your day, I invite you to consider what strength means to you and how you can use it to cultivate a healthier mindset!