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    Wellness for Makers Partners with CERF+

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    Hey Maker!

    I am excited to share that Wellness for Makers and CERF+ have partnered to launch a video series to promote artist health and wellness! Each video focuses on some of the common problems faced by artists with an active studio practice, and includes tips and tricks to help relieve strain and reduce the risk of injury.

    As an artist, I understand the physical toll that an active studio practice can take on the body. I know what it’s like to work long hours, get into a groove, and not realize that I’ve been working in the same position for an extended period of time. The Self-Care + Your Studio Practice video series provides accessible techniques that help artists address these kinds of issues and feel good in their bodies. In these videos, I meet with studio artists Jillian Zoltner Wolf, Cheryl R. Riley, and Loren Abbate and offer practical and accessible techniques that can be added to help improve their studio routines.

    Check out the videos below! 




    Studio visit with Jillian Zoltner Wolf: Neck and Shoulder Strain 

    Studio Visit with Cheryl R. Riley: Standing in Your Studio 

    Gallery visit with Loren Abbate: Prolonged Sitting