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    Hey Makers,

    As many of you know, I studied Massage Therapy before going to school for Fine Art. My training for Massage Therapy provided my first introduction to anatomy and physiology. It also forced me to consider how the repetitive motions of massage therapy could negatively affect my body if I didn’t maintain proper body mechanics. My work experience as a Massage Therapist had a huge influence on my tactile understanding of the body and my life as an artist.

    I created Wellness for Makers to share what I have learned about the body and I am always looking for ways to become a stronger resource for the community. About a year ago, I embarked on an educational journey through a 500hr Alignment-based Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Mechanics in Montclair, NJ. Yoga Mechanics is an alignment-based studio that focuses on the foundations of anatomy and biomechanics. They start from the premise that yoga should be accessible, safe, and relevant. This style of teaching is very much in line with the mission of Wellness for Makers. Over the course of the year, I have been deepening my understanding of the body through intense study of anatomy, biomechanics, movement, and posture. I am so proud to share that on Sunday, December 3rd, I completed 500hrs of training.

    The experience was completely invigorating, empowering, intense, and inspiring. It has been an incredibly busy year and I am filled with gratitude for my teachers and community. Even though this particular training is over, I know that there is always more to learn. I look forward to spending more time processing everything. I will continue to share with you through blog posts, newsletters, workshops, podcasts, and conversations. I’m excited to grow with all of you. Let’s dive deeper together!




    Photo credit: Monica Zaldivar

    Photo credit: Monica Zaldivar