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    Wellness Tips While You're on Your Phone

    This holiday season, many of us makers will be glued to our phones, tablets, and computers. We will be making sales, promoting ourselves, and supporting other artists. Even though the amount of time we spend on our phones may increase during the holiday season, our bodies don’t have to suffer. Next time you’re on your phone (maybe it’s right now), take a moment to examine your posture. Are you hunched over? Is your neck jutting forward? Do you look/feel more like the person in the image on the left or the image on the right? As a movement instructor, I spend a lot of time considering how others are using their bodies, and most of the people I see using their phones look more like the image on the left.

    Here are a few tips to help get you closer to an anatomically neutral position! Read the rest of our latest article on the New York Makers' website! Click the link below to learn more!