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    Hey Maker!

    Let’s face it, change is inevitable. Think about the way the seasons shift from summer to fall. Or the way our creative vision grows and develops over time. Some changes we are prepared for while others catch us by surprise.

    When life blindsides you with changes/challenges you weren’t ready for its easy to disconnect from your body and put self-care on hold. I am here to remind you that you have the opportunity to create positive change in your body.

    I want to help you understand your body’s capacity. I want to teach you how to create the change your body deserves! That’s why I am hosting a webinar on October 15th. It’s called Back to Basics. In this 2hr webinar, I will teach you how to create more efficient movement patterns so that as time goes bye you can say “hey I have more mobility, I have more energy, I feel less pain, I get less headaches, I am more focused and inspired.”

    Remember there is a fine line between hustle and burnout. The holiday hustle is approaching quickly. My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to reduce your risk of injury and burnout.



    What’s Included:

    • 2hr Webinar

    • Instructional PDF

    • Audio Recording

    • Video Recording to be watched again and again

    • Leave feeling inspired to create a studio practice that lasts

    • Learn accessible techniques to apply to your studio/daily routines

    • Reduce your risk of burnout

    • Payment plans available upon request